The projects core aim is to provide new (students) and existing young vegetable farmers with better inputs and train them in sustainable agronomic practices so as to increase their incomes and income stability. This will be done at the training centre at the premises of INFPA in Tiébissou.

The students and the young vegetable producers can complement each other in theory and practice of vegetable production, and because of overlapping training periods the different trainees can really learn from each other. At the same time, further outreach of the best practices and inputs used in the training centres should be reached by field days to Ivorian vegetable farmers and the organizing of visits to the demonstration site of the training centre, also by vegetables farmers around Yamoussoukro. These field days, and visits, for which transport will be facilitated by the consortium and the training centre, can be organized together with INFPA, but also ANADER and the local administration of Tiébissou and / or Yamoussoukro if necessary, to ensure we reach enough vegetable producers. At the same time, Agrifer also already has a strong network among Ivorian vegetable growers. Finally, the project should lead to better quality vegetables for urban consumers and market entrance and expansion for the partners in the project.


The training institute


The training