Rijk Zwaan Export

Committed to supporting growers and partners in today’s dynamic fruit & vegetable market

Rijk Zwaan Export is a globally leading vegetable breeder, involved in the production and sales of hybrid vegetable seeds. Rijk Zwaan Export has a large portfolio of both ‘exotic’ crops like tomato, pepper and cucumber, as well as local vegetables like African kale and African hot pepper and African eggplant. Rijk Zwaan’s contribution will focus on the following activities:
  • Test new varieties at the training centre (pre-commercial trials).
  • Organize demonstration and field day activities at and around the training centre.
  • Provide expertise and training activities for the trainees.
Rijk Zwaan Export has an interest to further expand its activities in Ivory Coast; ensuring access for farmers to the best available vegetable varieties and assisting them to grow them to perfection. Rijk Zwaan Export’s contribution will be in-kind through supplying hybrid vegetable seeds and through providing trainings a number of their expert staff.