This 4 year project will train farmers in better and more sustainable practices of producing local vegetables ‘hors sol’ via the integrated INNOFER model (greenhouse substrate horticulture). This will lead to higher production in amount and quality, that will generate more employment opportunities, better nutrition and food safety ánd a bigger market for Dutch enterprises that contribute to the INNOFER model (e.g. via quality inputs). Also the local agroecological training institute INFPA will be reinforced in both tacit and non-tacit capacity.


Upgrading of one training centre in Yamoussoukro District


Start of a training program of young commercial vegetable producers

Show cases

Demonstrations and field days



The project aims to increase the capacity of young commercial vegetable producers to produce high quality and safe vegetables for urban markets in Ivory Coast. In particular, the project focuses on the sustainable use of agricultural inputs like substrate, specialty fertilizers, quality seeds and crop protection products. New technologies and practices that can overcome these challenges are available and the partners have much experience in demonstrating these.


The synergy of the partnership: The partners (Agrifer, Rijk Zwaan and Van Iperen International) bring together a package of seeds, fertilizers and horticulture technology (small-scale greenhouses and irrigation) under the INNOFER concept. In addition, the consortium foresees one more partner to come on board during the inception or implementation phase (discussions with LC Packaging are ongoing). The partners want to demonstrate and scale up this concept in a practical way among a larger group of youthful vegetable producers, in an incubation centre. The INFPA centre close to Yamoussoukro will serve as the local training institute to create the link with ambitious youth and graduates. Away4Africa supports Agrifer in strategic business development, while Resilience will ensure project management, communication and monitoring and evaluation of results. All five partners have a strong ambition and long experience in agribusiness development in Côte d’Ivoire.


Substrate and consultancy services

Rijk Zwaan

Hybrid seeds


Consultancy and project management

Van Iperen International

Quality fertilizers


l’Institut National de Formation Professionelle Agicole