To improve the production of healthy vegetables in Cote d’Ivoire by the facilitation of proper materials, protocols, training and technical assistance.

Agrifer is an Ivorian company, with 100% Dutch shareholding. Agrifer will serve as the pivot for the project’s activities. Agrifer has two main roles:

  1. It provides access to producers for a range of quality inputs including seeds (Rijk Zwaan), specialized substrate and specialty fertilizers (from van Iperen). Agrifer further promotes the use of low-tech greenhouses (Abris) in which crops can be protected from heavy rains and irrigation systems can be used. This is considered as the integrated concept INNOFER.
  2. It demonstrates the application of these inputs through intensive training for young farmers, through its dedicated training and sales promotion team.

Agrifer is supported by Away4Africa, a Dutch company specialized in business development with a lot of experience in crop production in Ivory Coast. Away4Africa will support Agrifer on business planning, professionalizing the business through tailormade management tools and attracting investors to scale up the company’s activities. Away4Africa has among others seven years of experience with setting up training centres in neighbouring Burkina Faso.